Thursday, May 14, 2009


smalam aku tgk cte Troy. mmg best cte ni. kisahnya about the war during the middle ages. troy is a country somewhere in europe. its the strongest country during that time after sparta. pelakon nya Brad Pit. tp y sedihnya last skali smua mati kecuali the prince (Orlando Bloom) n a few kerabat raja y lain. the war started when si orlando bloom ni kidnap the wife of sparta's king. they love each other. n the king ape lg, mgamuk 1 negara bleh bgegar. the king y cerdik ni amik pluang istihar the war but not for the sake of his wife but the troy. he want to get the troy. n he made it.

this is from the true story. after watching this movie, im realize that the history is very important. aku wonder, how they get such a courage to fight their anemy even they are far outnumber n have more warrior. they very brave n so love their own country. they ought to die to protect their own country.

aku rs nowadays people doesn't have such a spirit anymore. memang btul kt sntiasa mgaku sayang,setia n etc at our own country, but how far???
are we ready to fight when there is an anemy??? of course we don't want it happen here...nauzubillahiminzalik...but it is not impossible..emmm..lets think about it.

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