Friday, May 15, 2009

Rasa bersalah laa..

bila difikir2 balik, aku jarang mintak sesuatu ngan parents aku. thats becoz i know who there are and what they afford to give me and not. and until today i still thankful for what they had give me. till the end of my life i still cannot repay it.. thank u mama and abah.

and today, mama had said something that really touching as if my heart straggling into thousand pieces..i know mama want to give me the best and don't want to see their own daughter facing difficulty. although i know she can't afford to fulfill my request but she still said, 'xpe nanti mama ikhtiarkan ngan abah'.. emmm..its really touching, i fell like crying.

i want to give the best for them. i want to give my whole life to make them happy. i want to achive their dreams.. and i know, their dreams is to see their daughter succeed in life..

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