Thursday, May 14, 2009


hish aku confuse la pulak..actually aku dah register to join the kem at this becoming weekend. it be held at perak n organize by hepp usm. lot of benefit i can get if i join it such as knowledge, experiences, food n shirt (can save budget for 3 days huh). but i have mountain of work to be finish for my practical. no matter what happen i will join this kem. i will tell my practical's supervisor today n hopefully he will give me the permission.

one more kem will be held the week after that at kelantan. but im sure n confidently have decided not to go bcoz it takes 6 days n i must left my practical work for 4 days. this kem motivasi stpm project is organize by haak usm. my duty for this kem as a facilitator n also setiausaha. we had plan this kem for 6 month. im quite frustrated not to join it. but what to do..the most important must come 1st.

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