Thursday, May 14, 2009


Last monday i went for a sampling of mosquito's egg at mukahead,usm fieldstation. the place is in taman negara pulau is very wonderful place with the beaches that never silence,the water is very shiny when there is sunshine, the forrest that full of secret, the playful monkey,the river that is very cold such as give me a new energy..subhanallah..sungguh indah ciptaan tuhan..aku bersyukur dpt hdup d muka bumiMu y indah ini. akan ku pelihara keindahan itu untuk generasi akan dtng..

but the duty must be done..arghh..pnat tau..nk kena letak ovitrap all around the mukahead. but i enjoy it n im satisfy with what i have done now. studying this bring me close to nature..i realize this is the right choice i had make..

go nadia!!! learn it..feel it..

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